My little Secret

Hey guy and gals, this is my first attempt with blogging. I have realized that the be best way to hold myself accountable is to let the world in on my secret. I AM AFRAID OF FAILURE! Honestly, in this situation I can’t afford to fail, because failure could mean death. I have lost a lot of family member do morbid obesity. Watching my Aunt Hope who was the only mother I know die from complications from weight lost surgery was very hard on me. She beg me on her hospital bed to never get so overweight that I have to require drastic measure to lose weight.

As I sit here today, I am 328 lbs, which mean I am well on the road to breaking my promise to her as well as myself. So, I am going to choose this day, January 6, 2014 to get on the right track. I beat myself up mainly because I know better. I just don’t want my daughter to have to watch me die as I had to do my aunt.  So, as you can see FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

She is the reason I fight so hard today!! I will win this battle for you and me. As long as I'm alive you will live in me!

You’re the reason I fight so hard today!! I will win this battle for you and me. As long as I’m alive you will live in me!

I always want to be the one catching her when she fall. I don't ever want these roles to be reversed!

I always want to be the one catching her when she fall. I don’t ever want these roles to be reversed!

Please feel free to add positive comments or share                                                       your experience or advice!!!

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The Battle continues….

Wow….As I look back at the start of this journey, I’m not quitting.  I don’t think people ever stop and think of the changes that has to happen to truly lose weight and keep it off.

Since my last post I have been going to the gym at least three times per week. I love going to the gym. I think more before eat about how hard I have to work to burn those calories. I finally feel like my mind, body and soul is all in line to make this transitions.

I’m working on finding the perfect meal plan to accommodate my daily life. My plan is to be in the best shape of my life by 40, that’s in 3 1/2 years!! I can do it slow and steady.
How about you!

Gaining life, Life


It’s been over a year since I have begun my journey to a new me! If I sit here and say that it’s been easy I will be lying to you all. The truth is I continue to struggle with getting on track to accomplish my goal. It seems as soon as I get focused life throws me a curve ball.

Since my last post over a year ago , A LOT has changed! It honestly seems as if everything changed except my address!! Honestly 😀, I left my job that I’ve been at for over 5 years and bounced around to a couple different jobs until landed the job I’m at and has been here almost a year now, which is good! My home life fell on some pretty rocky times with my marriage touch and go and dealing with a teenage girl coming of age. Needless to say it wasn’t a lot of time to focus on myself and my weight loos goals. I was barely staying afloat from all the stress. The good thing about all this is


My weight loss goal stayed in the back of my head and I continued to TRY to eat right and get out and walk when time permitted. If anyone said losing weight is easy, they are lying! It’s one of the hardest things ever; but I have to want more than anything with the understanding that life is going to get in the way. But I just keep making small choices that’s going to lead me to my ultimate goal. There is a rainbow and the end of the tunnel.

There is great news in all this, I have been going to the gym at least 5 times per week since about the middle of February! AND ITS PAYING OFF. I’m now down to 316.4 and I can see the difference in my clothes. I tell you what, it sure feels good to here people ask, “are you losing weight?” I try to play it cool, but I really what to say YESS YOU CAN TELL!! 

I’ve downloaded an app called Pacer, it just counts my step and count up my calories lost from my daily activities, added bonus for me! It good to be getting back into this and I’m going to keep you updated with my progress, it’s not easy, but it’s neccessary! Until next time! 

Keep moving!